① Data Recovery Software :: Recover Deleted Files & Photos ①

① Data Recovery Software :: Recover Deleted Files & Photos ①

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Description of ① Data Recovery Software :: Recover Deleted Files & Photos ①:

Data loss matters. Private photos capture and preserve precious moments we can never return to. Losing documents, spreadsheets and secure files can spell professional disaster. Whatever you’ve lost or deleted, AcuteTools is here to reverse the seemingly irreversible!

NO, this isn’t a marketing trick. Time for a little data recovery science: when you delete a file and empty the recycle bin, the data isn’t erased straight away. Instead, the space the data took up on your hard drive is marked as being free and when new data comes along, it will overwrite the deleted files.

Make sure that no application writes to the drive or partition where the deleted files are located. Every new file created may overwrite your deleted files.

Do not open or close files and applications because applications create temporary files which could also overwrite your erased files.

Do not install any large new software or programs since this may overwrite your deleted files. Most competitor´s data recovery software takes up too much space and simply installing it can make your deleted files unrecoverable. We’ve avoided this by designing our data recovery software with the smallest possible file size in mind!

Run Acute Tools Photo Nose to get deleted photos back or use File Plucker to recover files of any other type (documents, spreadsheets, music, slideshows, stored e-mails, etc). If possible, do not save recovered files to the same hard drive that you are working with otherwise files you are recovering may override other deleted files!

For more information on the workings of data recovery please read: Data Recovery Wiki

Photo Nose is the data recovery software trusted by thousands worldwide for undeleting photos!

Get your photos back to keep forever, even if you emptied the recycle bin! In addition to returning accidentally deleted photos safely, photonose can also handle crashed drives or memory cards which have been corrupted or formatted.

The photonose data recovery software uses advanced data rescue procedures that scan the raw data on your memory card looking for photos to reconstruct.

Supports all popular memory card like xD Picture Card, SD (Secure Digital) Card, CF (Compact Flash) Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, SmartMedia Card, MMC (MultiMediaCard), MicroSD, MiniSD, SDHC and many more.

Supported file formats include jpeg, bmp, tif, rif, gif, Cannon (crw, cr2), Kodak (dcr), Minolta (mrw), Nikon (nef), Fuji (raf), Sigma (x3f), Pentax (pef), Sony (srf) and many more!

Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003 XP, Vista Windows 7 and 8.

Accidentally deleted important files and emptied the recycle bin? Lost data when your computer or camera crashed? Reformatted or damaged a drive? No problem, File Plucker – our professional data recovery software – will get your lost files back in minutes.

File Plucker is an advanced program that will recover nearly any file you thought was lost forever. It works with your windows computer, external and internal hard drives, Floppies, USB Thumb Drives, Memory Cards, Flash Drives or MP3 player.

It can undelete nearly any type of file you care to name: documents, images, sounds, presentations, spreadsheets and more…doc, docx, odt, ppt, pdf, wav, mid, mp3, mp4, mpg, mov, avi, asf…File Plucker retrieves them all! No worries!

Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003 XP, Vista Windows 7 and 8

Constant error messages? Programs that stop responding or crash outright? Slow, sluggish, frustratingly unresponsive computer?

Fix it all in minutes with SpotFreePC.

Over time your PC’s registry becomes filled with outdated, unnecessary information. This causes all kinds of application and system problems.

SpotFreePC registry cleaner is simple to use and repairs all types of registry problems intelligently and safely.

Fully compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003 XP, Vista and Windows 7

Getting rid of a old computer or hard drive? Are you unknowingly giving away sensitive personal information with it?

Identity theft is on the rise. You’d be amazed how much data can be recovered even after a hard drive has been fully formatted!

Drive Scorcher will securely and permanently erase all information on any computer hard drive. Once erased, the data can never be undeleted not even with our or any other data recovery tool. Drive Scorcher uses a secure data wiping method approved by the United States of America Department of Defense.

Fully compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003 XP, Vista and Windows 7

It’s simple: if you don’t absolutely love our software bundle and if you’re not completely satisfied with the way it recovers your precious deleted files then we don’t want your money!
Simply send an email to support@acutetools.com and we will quickly and cheerfully give you a 100% Refund.No questions asked — No hassles.

– ① Data Recovery Software :: Recover Deleted Files & Photos ①

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